Tokenmap Privacy policy

Tokenmap cares about your privacy and seeks to ensure that any information you entrust it with, directly or indirectly, is secure.

It is our policy that you are familiar with how Tokenmap its affiliates and unaffiliates collects, uses and discloses your data that includes personal information. You agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy when you access or use any of our content, services or videos.

    1. Tokenmap may collect your data in several ways:

    1. We might require registration for certain services or for you to use certain parts of our sites. During the registration process we will require certain information from you including your name, contact information and user-name and credit card information.

    2. In the user Submission section, Tokenmap might require an email address so as to allow you to participate in the discussions.

    3. We might also access and retain certain information from you without you directly giving the information. This includes information such as device type and IP address, the browser and browser settings, your location information, type of operating system, your internet service provider and the web pages of the services you have visited before or after you visit the Sites.

    4. Our Third-Party partners, affiliates and ourselves might store Cookies and use other tracking technology in your browser. Cookies are files that contain small amounts of information that are downloaded to any device that uses the internet when you interact with any website. We use the cookies to make the Sites easier to use, deliver a personalized experience in your interaction with our sites, and speed up your future interaction with our sites. You may refuse consent on the use of cookies, disable Tokenmap or third-party cookies via your browser settings or delete the cookies from your browser if you do not consent to the use of cookies. However, this may make some of our services less effective. By visiting the Site, whether registered or otherwise, you acknowledge and allow us to track your activities in the site through the use of tracking technology explained above or similar tracking technologies that may be developed in the future. Third Parties and unaffiliated partners may use tracking technology subject to their privacy policies and terms and conditions.  Such tracking by third parties is not in under our control.

    5. If you choose to do any submissions, you should know that any content that you Submit might be read, collected and used by other users. We have no responsibility to publish, delete, edit or remove any of the content of the content of your submissions.

    6. Information that you provide in the course of voluntary surveys that Tokenmap might conduct.

    7. If you link your social media account or Third-Party services or to any of the services Tokenmap provides, you may be authorizing the social media company and/or the Third Parties to allow us to have access to certain information in your profile. In this respect, you are authorizing us to collect, store and use what the social media company and/or the Third Party allows access to us in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You can dissociate the social media accounts or Third-Party services or apps at your convenience.


    1. Information sharing and Data Protection

    1. Without information, it is not possible for Tokenmap to serve you. However, Tokenmap will also not sell your information to Third Parties. It is the policy of Tokenmap to only share information that it has collected or otherwise gained from you for only the purposes of better service provision to you.

    2. We undertake to encrypt any personally identifying information to ensure that it is anonymized.

    3. We further undertake to keep your data confidential and safe from an unauthorized third parties.

    4. While Tokenmap contains links to or integrations to other external websites or media services, Tokenmap is not responsible for the privacy policies of any external websites or media services it provides links or integrations to. You are expected to read and take note of their privacy policies we have no control over the information collected by third parties.

    5. We may share information with our affiliates or third parties for the purposes of advertising to market products and services.  

    6. The Affiliates and Third Parties with we may share information with include Service providers that provide us with technical or operational support, customer operational support, our service hosts, maintain Tokenmap’s databases, conduct analytics, marketing and research, create content, handle payment services and others that support our products and services.


  1. Tokenmap may process your data for a variety of legal reasons. These include:     

    1. To protect the vital interests of our users and customers.

    2. To fulfil a legal obligation;

    3. To provide you with the services and products from Tokenmap and its Affiliates;

    4. On the basis of your consent.


  1. Use of the information collected.

Tokenmap and its affiliates may use the information to:

    1. Improve our services and products including providing technical support for the Services;

    2. Communication about our services and products and our affiliates’ products and services which we believe may be of interest to you;

    3. At your request satisfy your request for services and products including notifications and newsletters.

    4. To respond to any inquiries, you might raise;

    5. Enforce the legal terms and fulfil legal obligations;

    6. Protect against ourselves and our users against fraud, illegalities and intellectual property infringement;

    7. For marketing purposes including customization and personalization of ads, offers and content based on the pages and the services that you access. We may also use this information to analyse the performance of marketing campaigns and your interaction with the marketing campaigns including ads, offers and other marketing content.

    8. In cases where you have linked your social media and/or third-party apps or services, we may use the data to personalize your online experience when you visit or use our services. We may also directly contact you through the social media and enable you to share our content and your experience with our content via the social media and third-party apps or services. The information you provide through social media or third-party apps or services may be viewed by other parties. We are not responsible for any further use of such information by Third Parties.

    9. If you choose to submit any content for us to publish, we may publish such information and content together with information about you. This includes information includes your name. Such information will be publicly available and can be used or redistributed by Tokenmap or Tokenmap’s affiliates (See our Terms of Use).


  1. Access to Your information

    1. You may access the information you have provided to us for the purposes of reviewing or correction of the information. You may do so through email or through a physical address provided below. Include your registration details in such an email or letter. We may ask for more information to verify.

Our address is:

Tokenmap Ltd

Garden Estate, Marurui Road, B12,

P.O Box 65159-001618

Ruaraka, Nairobi, Kenya


    1. If you want to opt out of any of the the services, you may unsubscribe from the services such as emails or text messages, by following the process in the Terms of Use.


  1. We have put in place procedures that are meant to maintain your data security. Although we have taken appropriate measures to safeguard your data from an unauthorized access, we cannot guarantee that your data will not be accessed, altered, or destroyed in a manner inconsistent with these terms.


  1. Tokenmap maintains the right to amend, change or update this privacy policy as circumstances may dictate without any notice or recourse to you. It is your duty to check for changes, updates and/or amendments. For the avoidance of doubt, the latest Privacy Policy which we shall have posted on the Sites shall be the applicable one. We may notify you about the material changes by sending you an email or by posting a notice on our Services.  


  1. The law applicable in the construction and enforcement of this privacy policy is Kenyan law. You consent that your information may be collected and transferred according to the laws of Kenya.

Updated and Posted on October 2nd, 2018.