'Understanding the blockchain' launched in Nairobi

6 months ago

Benjamin, who has a finance background, explained his motivation for writing the 248-page book  (Pic - Courtesy)

Blockchain technology has caused quite a stir here in Kenya with enthusiasts rushing to get a mastery of what the technology, that is said to move the world by storm and disrupt how operations are run, is all about. It is in the tone that Kenyan, Benjamin Arunda has launched a book, 'Understanding the Blockchain' to help explain the technology.

In an event graced by industry greats, Benjamin, who has a finance background, explained his motivation for writing the 248-page book, being, that there has been a lot of interest in the technology and therefore people are thirsty for information on the technology. 
"I want this to be part of the activities that will increase adoption of Blockchain Technology in various industries rather than just focusing on Cryptocurrency investments. Its use cases are wide in government and industries. Many meetups in Kenya have put emphasis in cryptocurrency and this has made us to lose focus in the main technology that is blockchain. Blockchain is solving the issues of trust. African is ready to adopt blockchain. Angola run an election on blockchain. Kenya IEBC'S announcement that they were looking into blockchain already is a clear sign that we are getting there as far as awareness on blockchain is concerned and it wont be long before many industries follow suit and adopt the technology."
Just like Benjamin's book, different speakers illustrated how Blockchain technology is applicable across industries.
Nashon Okowa, Chairman of Association of Construction Managers of Kenya, in his speech, stated that use of Blockchain in the construction industry could help combat challenges of fraudulent land transactions and issuance of counterfeit construction permits.
CEO of Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation Centers of Africa, Dr. Macharia Waruingi, explained how Blockchain will help deal with the issue of counterfeit drugs in the supply chain of Pharmaceutical companies. 
On his part, Advocate Gatuyu Justice from Legal Counsel of Kenya Law Reform Commission expansively addressed the issue of legal hindrances to Blockchain adoption, mentioning that Decentralized Autonomous Organizations [DAOs] will contradict certain operations of law with regard creation and operation of a company. 
Blockchain adoption in Africa is slowly progressing with industries like banking already pioneering its testing. 
See below, Benjamin  Arunda's exclusive interview with Tokenmap TV before the book was launched




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