Genius Kenyan-made system to smarten queue and visitor management globally

8 months ago

Justus Muteti describes Q-kut as that revolutionary technology that will re-organize how organizations are run, world over. (Pic Courtesy)

“In Malawi, people queue for a whole kilometer. When one wants to go to the bank, they reserve a whole day for that. We call them bank days. The same applies to immigration. it's a whole day affair.” These are the words of Malawi renowned businessman, Same Chaula, during his visit to Nairobi this week

Chaula further gave a picture of his country where all the government and most private sector organizations are still analog to-date including their airport. This, he explained, slows down operations and renders Malawi, a waiting nation

His description gives a crisp picture of the goings, in not just Malawi, but many countries who remain in need of a solution that will slash the queues, reduce the wait and increase productivity, thus improving the economy

To Chaula’s reprieve, Kenya has just the solution for him and his countrymen. Blazesoft, a tech company based in Nairobi, has launched Q-kut, a visitor and queue management system that will see offices, banks, hospitals, government offices, residential areas, and entire buildings say goodbye to the good old visitor registration book and usher in a smarter digital visitor log in/out system

Justus demonstrating Q-kut to Chaula during his Nairobi visit (Pic courtesy)

According to Titus Kaswii, Chief Technical Officer at Blazesoft, the software is already a darling to many organizations, both private and government as many Kenyans and Africans have been anticipating for a savior as far as queues and cumbersome visitor identification is concerned.

“We created this app with Africa and the world in mind. At Blazesoft, our interest is to change the world with well thought out technology, and Q-kut is one of them.  For example, why should a pregnant woman have to go to a hospital reception and wait for hours before seeing her obstetrician? We are giving her the option of virtually queuing from her house or wherever her comfort is. The app will inform her when she is closer in the queue.”

In an exclusive interview with Tokenmap TV, Q-kut head of product and lead engineer, Justus Muteti describes Q-kut as that revolutionary technology that will not only cut the queues but re-organize how organizations are run, world over.

“The days of leaving our identification cards with a guard at a building are numbered. We are introducing that technology that will finally bring trust as all your information will be safe. We are using the most cutting-edge technology from artificial intelligence to Internet of things. Q-kut can be used in any organization, buildings and residential areas that need a smart log of all the visitor and client goings. We are here to make front desk operations seamless." He adds


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