Paypal surpasses 250 million active users

9 months ago

Paypal has gone beyond 250 million active users. 

This indeed illustrates that digital payments are hitting the world by storm. The platform scored 200 million users on February 2017 and has now, 18 months later, earned 50 million more accounts, amounting to an average of 3 million per month

In a blog post titled,' Dan Schulman, President and CEO, PayPal commended Paypal's global employees saying that this is a testament to the tireless work that they have done on behalf of their customers to add more and more value to the platform.

"It’s not about the macro numbers, it’s about the individual experiences. The small businesses that support families and fuel communities. The single-parents managing for their families. The college students figuring out their budgets. The non-profits working to serve those in need. The people and families and entrepreneurs who are new to digital finance and turn to us because they need a better way to borrow, to save, to spend, to share. The immigrants working hard to create a better life for their families and using our platform to send money back home." He says on the blog post

CEO Schulman also praises Paypal technology saying that the platform and services are helping democratize global financial services for consumers and commerce capabilities for merchants around the world.

"But make no mistake; our platform is powered by people. Money is incredibly personal, and the trust that our customers place in us is the most valuable asset in the world. And that’s why being a Customer Champion is a privilege for each of us." Adds the 60 year old President and CEO


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